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desperate for censorship

Published on 2016-06-04
The European Union is now so desperate to stifle dissent that it has enacted new regulations supporting censorship of unapproved opinions on grounds of "hate speech":

European Union Declares War on Internet Free Speech(external link)

Of course "hateful" speech is a subjective definition, just as what constitutes pornography lies in the eye of the beholder. But this is beside the point of the new rules, which are clearly aimed at censoring dissenting opinions and manufacturing consensus. Unsurprisingly, a number of large internet firms, including Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube, and Twitter, have pledged their cooperation to the effort.

Censorship, unlike speech, is always hateful. So the results here are predictable:

1) No one will comply with a single one of the EU's demands.

2) Content suppression by the internet firms will prove that they are indeed acolytes in service to totalitarianism, and drive away customers and content in general, whether it's liable to get branded as "hateful" or not.

Increasing loss of control of the narrative by the power structure is leading to increasing desperation on the part of the powerful. Their every reaction aimed at reasserting control only reveals more fully the mendacity of power. Which leads to yet more loss of control. Obedience requires consent, and the mechanisms intended to induce that consent are now stimulating rebellion. We are thus witnessing the death throes of the status quo at the hands of this virtuous feedback loop.

It is a thing of great beauty.