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New Group Promotes Agorist Currency

Published on 2015-08-30
Digital Cash Alliance Promotes the Revolution

The coup 100 years ago which gave control of the global financial system to the 0.1%, through the creation of the US Federal Reserve, has hijacked the past century to build up the state to full-blown Brave New World totalitarianism practically everywhere, foment wars and genocide, crush the middle class, eviscerate human rights, and rig practically every so-called "market" in the global economy. There can be no "reform" of such a system, any more than Rome could have been saved by its reformers circa 460 AD. The only hope is to start fresh to build a new world system to replace it.

The first step in doing this is to reclaim the issuance of money from central banks and governments. You cannot have prosperity at the grass roots as long as you have debt-based money issued and controlled by Highly Organized Crime. It is therefore of primary importance that privately issued money, preferably backed by precious metal, becomes available in the free market. To be effective, this "digital cash" must be anonymous and untraceable, just like physical cash. The slave masters now seek to eliminate physical cash, because even that much of a remnant of freedom is unacceptable in their eyes. The hell with them! We need the privacy of physical cash in the digital realm, and we shall have it.

In fact, we already have it! A new website has been launched to promote this idea of digital cash, and the already existing technology which implements it. It is called the Digital Cash Alliance(external link). They also offer some nice retail products, including premium VPN login credentials and pro-revolution books. We at JoinTheRevolution have agreed to make our inventory of t-shirts available to the Alliance as a premium gift to its Gold and Platinum Ally members.

If you understand the importance of untraceable, free market digital cash, please check out the website. This is not a startup or a paper. This is a deployed technology which already exists! As such, we consider it extremely important and recommend it highly.