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Published on 2015-01-10
Since our last post (more than two years ago!) quite a lot of the world has "joined the revolution" against the neo-fascist imperial regime in Washington. The empire has done better at retaining the complacent loyalties of insouciant fools at home than it has abroad, probably due to its broad control over English-language media. However, in the alternative media one can always find plenty of good material, and an increasing number of the lumpen dingen in the anglosphere are accessing it, which is a good sign. But as for any meaningful change in the near term, that is plainly still highly unlikely.

Consider for example the recent reports about the systematic use of torture at secret prisons across a gulag archipelago based in various foreign countries. After more than four years of legal wrangling, a heavily redacted fraction of the documentation of these atrocities was finally released late last year. The only proper response to documentary proof of war crimes of this extent would be to open a series of "Nuremberg II" trials, in which the people involved, from top to bottom, would all be put on trial for capital offenses. And just as at the original Nuremberg, "I was just following orders" would not be admissible as a defense.

What happened instead? All the guilty parties had their names redacted from the reports, and the imperial political "leaders" ran interference for them; for example Dick Cheney growling that the torturers "deserved decorations, not investigations." Media sock puppets further diverted attention by conducting a discussion as to whether torture was effective; thus avoiding discussion of whether or not it was legal, compatible with international standards for human rights and the rules of warfare, or whether it does in fact bring anyone who systematically employs it down to the level of Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, or North Korea. And since then, of course, the whole torture story has faded from the news.

Nonetheless there are some commentators who "get it" and are not hard to find. Here are links to three such essays, describing where we are at the beginning of 2015 and touching on what is likely to come, as the global revolution against the empire proceeds. The first is an excellent summary by Dr. Ron Paul, in which he describes how we got here and where it is likely to lead in the near term:

Ron Paul: My Predictions for 2015(external link)

The second is from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who delivers a good summary of the geopolitical situation, detailing Washington's incredible provocations of Russia over Ukraine, which are clearly intended to press the reset button on the Cold War. (Evidently the Islamic terrorists aren't a sufficiently convincing villain to keep the neocons in power and the money flowing to the military/industrial/financial complex.)

The Outlook for the New Year: Paul Craig Roberts(external link)

Finally, an economic analysis posted by way of ZeroHedge by a blogger named Thad Beversdorf. This fellow's take on the current state of the global economy is informed by his construction of a graph of GDP deflated not by CPI, but by debt. Considering matters from this angle leads to a lot of perfectly true and accurate characterizations of present economic reality:

Empirical Proof of the Giant Con(external link)

That's all for now. Time permitting, this blog will be active again this year.