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Step Into The Circle

Published on 2012-05-01
There's a scene in Jonathan Livingston Seagull where the avian protagonist is told to "step into the circle for shame." This is frequently the fate of iconoclast individualists and non-conformists, when their activities have drawn the negative attention of their more conformist peers and the "powers that be" in their society.

Longtime freedom activist and software entrepreneur Phil Zimmermann, the celebrated author of Pretty Good Privacy some two decades past, has recently teamed up with some bright associates to produce a new privacy-enhancing crypto-product called Silent Circle(external link). It promises to supply an all-in-one integrated product for secure email, text, video, and phone (including cell). Details are still sketchy because the beta isn't even due to start until mid-July, but given the past history and credentials of the team it promises to be worth watching. Their slogan is Come Into The Circle — not for shame, but for privacy. The indicated target market is: "security conscious individuals, human rights groups, oppressed dissidents, NGOs, special operations units, small businesses and corporations."

Which could include just about anybody these days. Probably even seagulls flying alone and out of formation. smile