I’m not sure how many will people remember the bumper sticker displayed above. It was seen a lot in Florida, in the late 1980s. Ted Bundy, a monstrous killer, was slated to be executed but the execution was delayed, seemingly endlessly, with legal maneuvers. At the same time, the state of Florida was imposing – even though it had sworn earlier that it never would – big fines on people who didn’t wear seat belts. Some unhappy Floridians created this sticker in response, essentially telling the state: You’re not following the law, why should I?

I propose new versions of this:

I’ll do _________, when Corzine goes to prison.

After all, this Corzine character oversaw the theft of $1.5 BILLION dollars. He broke a dozen laws and just plain ripped people off on an astronomical scale. He literally stole their life savings and ruined their businesses.

Corzine swears, of course, that he didn’t know. Right… Can a poor boy avoid prison by saying he didn’t know?

For those who aren’t aware, here are this guy’s credentials:

  • MBA, University of Chicago
  • Worked at BancOhio and Continental-Illinois Bank
  • CEO of Goldman Sachs
  • Senator from New Jersey
  • Governor of New Jersey

He didn’t know? He couldn’t tell? This guy spent almost his entire adult life in banks and investment houses, from the bottom to the top! Then, at the highest levels of politics, both state and national. There is no chance that he didn’t or couldn’t know.

Corzine was Chairman and CEO of the now-failed MF Global, by the way: THE responsible party.

People who have committed the same crime – but on a much smaller scale – are in prison right now.

But, regardless of “the law,” this crook will not go to prison – the big bankers never do. They own the politicians and they own the courts. The facts speak for themselves.

So, next time the usual control freaks demand that you do something because “it’s the law,” tell them you’ll do it when Corzine goes to prison – that’s “the law” too.

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