I’m going to move on from this subject soon, but first I need to make this one point very clearly:

The American police state is here, and it is legal.

Hitler’s was legal too, of course, as were Stalin’s and Mao’s, and pretty much every other police state in history, but this one is legal under US law and supposedly as authorized by the Constitution.

People in the US are aware that their government is out of control, but they remain attached to the belief that “the law” will somehow save them in the end.

So, here are a few critical points:

The 4th amendment is void. Here’s some of the actual text:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…

Instead, we have a huge agency devoted to violating the 4th amendment. The NSA reads and forensically stores every email you send, and much, much more. That is both “search” and “seizure.” There is NO QUESTION that email is the modern version of “papers.”

And, for the persnickety, there is no way to cast “grab everything” as “reasonable.” That doesn’t fly… at all.

The modern “law” spends billions of dollars every year specifically to violate the 4th amendment. There is no other way to cast this, unless we simply wish to preserve appearances at any cost.

And, of course, financial information is forcibly gathered in a hundred ways. For example, nearly 1.5 million ‘suspicious activity reports’ were filed across the US banking system in 2011, as were 14.8 million ‘currency transaction reports.’

The 5th amendment is violated as standard practice. More actual text:

nor shall [any person] be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…

Please understand that the #1 technique of police departments nation-wide is to deceive or intimidate suspects into bearing witness against themselves. Have you had dealings with the police recently? If so, you probably know what I mean about intimidation – they do it on purpose. And they lie continuously.

Both of these things are compelling people to testify against themselves. This is endemic in American law enforcement… heck, it’s on all the TV shows… shows that glorify law enforcers at all times. A better recipe for arrogance is hard to imagine.

The other amendments have been trashed. I could go on about the 6th and 2nd and 1st and others, but I want to make this brief and clear.


I’ll close by briefly summarizing something I’ve said before: YOU are the threat – the potential perp – in the eyes of the state, its law enforcers and all its other agents.

  • DHS continually issues warnings about ‘domestic terror’. If you are inside the United States, that includes YOU.
  • All Internet activity is intercepted and examined for threats. They are examining and suspecting YOU.
  • DHS warns that domestic terrorists are likely to support Ron Paul, talk about the Constitution or guns, or dislike the government, or base their lives on the Bible. That is YOU.
  • All financial activities are examined for threats, and that includes YOU.
  • Anyone “extreme” is a threat. Unless you are utterly mundane (read neutered), that is YOU.


The original law of the United States was the common law of England. That is no longer true: It has been over-written by ten thousand pieces of legislation, and is barely visible.

Just to make that point clearly, I will point out that under the common law, law was made by judges, and NOT by legislatures. The fact that almost no one knows that underscores the point quite well, I think.

The common law is toothless, and legislation – of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians – now rules the earth.

The police state is here, and it is legal.

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