Let me start with numbered points for clarity:

  1. We live in an age featuring gigantic governments whose control of everyone and everything far exceeds the dreams of any Caesar.
  2. We also live in an age of communication, where the emperor’s stupidity can be seen and ridiculed. And even with ‘democracy’ deflecting the emperor’s blame back to the people, we still see it.
  3. In this situation, the elite of the world – the ‘emperors’ if you will – feel quite fine about using communications technology back against the people… after all, the people are using it against them! (I don’t know how much analysis really goes into this, but I do know that they are very happy to do it.)
  4. Since this is also a time when state partnership is the last, best profit strategy for large corporations, lots of big companies are scrambling to provide these services to the state.
  5. In order to justify all of this expensive work, it must be based upon fear. (Nothing else works nearly as well). Otherwise, people might resent it. That means that “terror” must be invoked, i.e. the abject fear of spring-loaded, instant death.
  6. So, to justify these expensive uses of communications technology, they MUST be directed, by the elite, against terrorists – this is the imperative.
  7. QED, the people – you and I – must be suspected as terrorists.

Please read those points again. Slowly.

Anyway, you already know this if you’ve been through an airport in recent years. You are presumed to be a threat until you prove otherwise, by a series of increasingly intrusive and insulting exams. The threat is you.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continually issues warnings about ‘domestic terror’. That’s you.

All Internet activity is intercepted and stored in searchable forensic databases. If you use the Internet, telephones, cell phones, or any other communications system, the threat is you.

DHS warns policemen that domestic terrorists are likely to be people who like Ron Paul, or talk about the Constitution, or guns, or dislike the government, or base their lives on the Bible. That also is probably you.

If you send international bank wires, you must now be watched and/or restricted. The terror suspect is you.

If you are “extreme” in any way, you fit the pattern. So, if you have any opinion that deviates significantly from the neutered norm, the terrorist is you.

Hardly a week passes without some new law or directive making us all more and more “terroristic.” We all see the stories.


Please go through those first points one more time. They are simple, but their reasoning concerns the mind of the ruler – something we’ve never been taught to do. Soon enough, it will probably be identified as another ‘marker’ of terrorist activity.

We’re all terrorists now.

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