If you live in the EU, these are the people who run your life. If you live in North America, or North Africa, or pretty much any developed place, these are people that affect your life significantly. This video shows their real lives, as opposed to the prepared theater you are used to. So, please watch this 6-minute clip end-to-end, then I’ll point out a few key points.



Okay, a few things to notice:

  1. This glimpse of actual reality does not come to you via BBC or CNN or any other “respected” news source. It comes from a Czech “alternative media” site. Please allow this fact to open a possibility in your mind: that all the respected news sources are manipulated by power. They do not expose certain parts of the truth. They’re great at covering natural disasters, but they will not expose people in power.
  2. At about the 1:40 mark, you’ll see the calculation of MEP’s (Members of the European Parliament) salaries of €14,727 Euros per month (not fully taxable). That’s €176,724 Euros per year, equivalent to $233,815 per year. That’s a lot of money for a little work. The proof of this is the MEPs running from the camera. They condemn themselves.
  3. You see the nature of rulership come out at 2:22 and 2:45. People in power will use that power. They have it, and you don’t. Get uppity and get threatened. “Public servant” is simply a character for the televised stage.
  4. At 4:30, you find the hero stepping up to the microphone. She’s the one who did have legitimate business that morning and they bring her out to save the institution from shame.
  5. At the 5:00 mark, you see the hero saying, “it’s legal.” That’s a thoroughly bogus justification, since these people and their friends make the law, and make it as they please. “Legal” is what they say it is… so long as it is properly written and stamped, of course; then it magically becomes sacred. (Or so we are expected to believe.)
  6. At 5:22, you see the big boss show up, physically assault the reporter and kick the crew out, fully contrary to policy. Policy, it is clearly seen, is for the ruled, not for the ruler.

There are over 700 of these MEPs, by the way, and 6,000 EU Parliament employees. The same things go on at the UN, by the way, and at pretty much all of the “international organizations.”

Understand the principle here: The more respected the organization, the faster and more thoroughly it will be corrupted.

Legitimacy is power, and power does corrupt. All our cherished feelings to the contrary were mistaken.


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