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Inspiring a Revolution

A revolution in thinking requires people who think. Generally, this means philosophers and writers who think outside the box, or have the capacity to see beyond the way things are today. Happily, we know some of these.

Writers of the Revolution

Kevin MacArdry

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Kevin MacArdry is a science fiction writer, a software designer, and a musician. His 2010 novel The Last Trumpet Project was a finalist for the 2011 Prometheus Award for Best Novel. There is very little fiction written from the perspective of what life might look like on the other side of the Revolution. Set in the 2040s, this book is in that rare category. Intentional communities formed inside a sprawling full-immersion virtuality have replaced nation states, private commodity currencies have replaced government fiat ones, organized religion is dying a slow death as humans shed mortality, and people have augmented their intelligence sufficiently to recognize that organized government force cannot improve the world. Brilliantly imagined and a fun, uplifting read!

Last Trumpet Project Book Site(external link)

Stefan Molyneux

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Stefan Molyneux is a rationalist philosopher from our neighbor to the north. A popular speaker at freedom movement events, and an unflinching advocate of anarchist viewpoints in his media appearances, he is the host of FreeDomainRadio, the largest online philosophy conversation in the world. Imagine a philosopher who actually cares more about reason and evidence than about political correctness! Stefan's work is both enlightening and inspiring.

FreeDomainRadio Site(external link)
Stefbot YouTube Channel(external link)

Paul Rosenberg

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Paul Rosenberg is a philosopher and writer of both fiction and non-fiction books who has been the voice of the Revolution for years. His speculative novel A Lodging of Wayfaring Men explored and inspired practical Agorism(external link). His 2009 book Production Versus Plunder traces 8000 years of human civilization from the perspective of the conflict between these two basic human survival strategies, and could serve as the rubric for any revolution against slavery. In fact it would be fair to say that this site might not exist without this lucid and inspiring book on human history. He also publishes a monthly newsletter, the Free Man's Perspective.

Production Versus Plunder(external link)
A Lodging of Wayfaring Men(external link)
Free Man's Perspective(external link)

Here are some recent articles by Paul:

Jim Davidson

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Jim Davidson is a writer, serial entrepreneur, free market agorist, space enthusiast, and founder of the Individual Sovereign University. His 2009 collection of freedom movement essays, Being Sovereign, celebrates individual liberty and presents an unflinching critique of commonly accepted statist principles and practices. In addition, about 250 of his essays have been published on The Libertarian Enterprise, founded by author L. Neil Smith. Some of Jim's older work can still be found at the Indomitus Report.

Being Sovereign (Printed Book)(external link)
Being Sovereign (eBook)(external link)
Individual Sovereign University(external link)
The Libertarian Enterprise(external link)
The Indomitus Report(external link)

Bill Buppert

Bill Buppert is the founder of ZeroGov(external link), an online journal dedicated to the end of modern slavery and the state. He is a retired US Army Special Forces officer, and like USMC General Smedley Butler(external link) before him, is a man uniquely positioned to understand the true nature of the militarist empire. Today Bill is a dedicated anarchist, capable military historian, and trenchant critic of the state he used to serve.

Here is his articles feed:

Inspiring Videos

From space exploration to comedy, the state and its minions find themselves in lower esteem than ever before in living memory. Here are just a couple of popular videos which demonstrate this fact.

SpaceX(external link) reveals a fully reusable, vertically landing rocket design. (Note the awesome choice of soundtrack lyrics, from Uprising.)

Comedian Tim Hawkins(external link)' take on the classic Sammy Davis, Jr. song "The Candy Man Can."
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Giving freedom to children?! Practically unheard of, but what do you know, it works. A reporter visits the Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts.
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