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What is Agorism?

The term Agorism, derived from the Greek word agora, meaning a market, connotes a socio-economic philosophy in which reform is carried out by economic means rather than political means. Simply put, agorists want to deploy an alternative economy to route around, and eventually supplant entirely, the mainstream government-dominated economy. Such an economy is also called the Second Realm, an underground economy, counter-economics(external link), or a gray market. (A black market implies dealing in goods or services which are illegal; in a "gray market" the exchanges are all unofficial or off-the-books, whether the things being traded are illegal or not.) Economic systems with an unsupportable level of plunder typically develop alternative economies — as during the waning decades of the Soviet Bloc, for example. Every modern nation possesses an underground economy, but the size of that economy as a percentage of its official economy varies widely.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

Today we have a tremendous number of tools available to us which, used properly, facilitate alternative commerce. These include the internet, encryption technologies, and alternative currencies and payment systems. The latter are most directly enabling in that they provide an opportunity to implement Rosenberg's Law, which states that commerce plus anonymity equals the impossibility of totalitarianism. Of course, not every online payment system avails itself of this opportunity; take PayPal(external link) or GoldMoney(external link) for instance, which do quite the opposite. Nor does an alternative payment system need to be online: cash being the obvious example.

Anonymity: Freedom's Key

The relevant common trait which separates agorist payment systems from standard "dark side" payment systems such as credit cards is anonymity. Profits from identity theft are already greater than those derived from illegal drugs (according to the SANS report in 2007). This is an expected consequence of a world in which almost any market transaction requires identity documents, and a global problem which is neatly solved by simple anonymity. This is just one reason why anonymous payment systems are inherently superior, and destined to grow in popularity.

Another is avoidance of tracking by the plundering leviathan state. As statism falters and ultimately fails, desperate governments worldwide will attempt to sacrifice what's left of their productive middle class in order to maintain their system of plunder a little while longer. The middle class will be hit especially hard, because that class has a tendency to keep its savings in cash. Many citizens will become compelled to learn about and utilize agorist mechanisms as a matter of basic self-preservation, as taxes explode to the upside and national fiat currencies implode to the downside. You might as well get a head start!

Free Market Solutions

Happily, the free market is busily providing those future alternative mechanisms, and indeed some of them are already available, even if you haven't yet heard of them. We're here to remedy that. wink

If you don't know anything about how to secure your internet communications, then frankly it's time you learned. All internet activity is being tracked and recorded these days, and you need to know how to protect yourself using best practices. Here are some free-market entrepreneurs who can help you:

Rayservers(external link)
CryptoHippie(external link)
MetroPipe(external link)
Wuala(external link)

Because it merits its own separate page, here is a discussion and review of current and up-and-coming Agorist Payment Systems.

Some general and historical information on free market money systems can be found at the Vertoro site(external link).

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