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What Is This Revolution?

Around the world, a revolution is taking place. This revolution is not about the overthrow of any particular regime. Instead it's about the revolt of the productive class against plunder. It's a revolution in thinking, in which peaceful and voluntary interactions between individuals begin to replace the top-down command and control mechanisms of the state.

The global economy is increasingly broken, and the fault lies with the centralization and redistribution of surplus. Surplus left in the hands of those who produced it results in distributed growth, but the forcible removal of surplus has now destroyed the expansion mechanism of Western civilization. That civilization was based on internal virtues, by which people saw to things themselves. The degeneration is not the fault of any one government in particular, but of the fundamental presumption that righteousness plus force (also known as politics) is an acceptable way to organize human society.

Today, this assumption is being challenged. If you've come to the conclusion that politics can't fix the problem because politics is the problem, you're not alone, and you've come to the right place.

Pursuing liberty requires solutions that work. Political action doesn't work, because it requires that we first accept the flawed assumption that the world can be improved at the point of a gun. But free market entrepreneurship does work.

On this site you'll find links to resources and ideas that can, and will, transform the future. You'll also find promotional merchandize which will let you "get your pride on" and help spread the Revolution.

It's time to quit waiting for those who caused the problems to save us, and start solving them ourselves, by any and all means which are peaceful and voluntary. It's time to quit relying on the state (as we've been trained to do all our lives), and start relying on ourselves, whether the state likes it or not. No more begging for liberty — just take it!

It's time to abolish slavery — again.

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